Cleanse & Reset Wellness Retreats

Enjoy an enriching and nourishing half - day for your mind, body, heart and spirit.  By means of silence, rest, connection, self reflection and rejuvenation.

Kim Bingham, your experienced host and facilitator, will take you on a journey of self care, healing, cleansing, self acceptance and love, clarity and empowerment

Purchase single dates and or a package of 6 half day Retreats*

 2022 Dates:

2023 Dates:



  • Drop in \ General Admission (1 session)  $89  BOOK HERE
  • 6 Month retreat series (includes all 6 sessions) ~ save 10% $480   BOOK HERE


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Our Silent (Partially) Half Day Cleanse & Reset Retreats INCLUDE the following;

  • Welcoming, sage cleansing and setting of intentions ceremony (talking permitted)
  • Tea, coffee and lemon water - and delicious vegan treats for morning and or afternoon tea (depending on the Retreat booked). 
  • Facilitated 1 hour Gentle Restorative Yoga for all levels of skill (in silence)
  • 30 minute Yoga Nidralaying down body scan deep relaxation Meditation (in silence)
  • Journaling and Self Reflection (in silence)
  • Sharing our voice of heart and authenticity in Kirtan (chanting of sacred mantra's) with Fee from Chantananda OR experience a Sound Bowl Healing.
  • To close the sacred morning and or afternoon shared together, we will flow through a Sharing Circle; an opportunity to share with the group in a safe, judgement free and sacred loving space. 

​​The noble art of silence is a powerful tool to unlock the highest potential of human life and there is no greater gift to give yourself than spending time in silence and deep reflection to open the doors to your life’s purpose.

You don't have to have experienced silent retreats before to join us, they are open to everyone called to rest in stillness and 'come home to self'. 

Drop in ~ General Admision

$89 per session

10% Off for Members*

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6 Month Retreat Series ~ Saves 10%

$480 for 6 months

15% Off for Members*

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Is our Cleanse & Reset Retreats for you?

  • ​​Do you feel you need to spend some time slowing down and disconnecting from your hectic pace of life?
  • Feeling tired, stressed, lacking in energy and needing to rejuvenate with some serious 'me time' to feel connected, centered, full of self love and worth?
  • Do you desire to come home to your natural state of being, clarifying your purpose and intentions in the world?
  • Does the thought of not having to say a word for a chosen half day or full day feel desirable?
  • Do you crave to simply be your beautiful perfectly imperfect self and be supported and nurtured in a safe space with like minded individuals?
  • Do you wish to come back to the present moment and challenge your perception to see the world filtered through the light?
  • Feeling as though you want to let go and surrender what is no longer serving you; past pains, stress, fear, ego, self doubt and limiting thoughts and beliefs?  Choose to take time for you to cleanse your mind, body, heart and spirit.
  • Do you desire to feel at peace with the past, find the beauty in the present with a heart full of gratitude? To feel excited about the future and find comfort in the discomfort of relinquishing all control and attachments?
  • Do you desire to reconnect with your faith, or wish to go deep within and explore spiritual liberation?
  • You are what you think and your external world is a manifestation of of your thoughts.  Do you crave change in you or any part of your life? Learn and develop the techniques to do so; it starts with acceptance and forgiveness of what is, followed by setting intentions with a willingness to know you're worthy of feeling amazing and creating a life lived you so desire.
  • Do you desire to strengthen the connection to your heart and feel more compassion for yourself and others?
  • Do you wish to find balance (sushumna) between your feminine energy (ida, meaning moon) and masculine energy? (pingala, meaning sun)
  • Do you desire to build a better relationship with yourself to intuitively know what your body, mind, heart and spirit need in any moment to feel your optimal self?

​If so, join us and let's journey together...

Our intimate group retreats will be a safe space and catalyst for change and to invoke your truth and authenticity. Change happens from within and starts with silence and introspection.  The benefits reaped from such practices extend to all facets of life: our relationships, confidence, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, love, respect, creativity and insight.  All of these attributes arise from a source within, and the only way to access it is to remain silent, listen and witness inside as your highest potential reveals itself.


Once booked and you've secured your spot....

You will receive an email closer to the date with further instructions, displaying the address, what to bring and the daily schedule.

Limited spots available, so be sure to secure your spot asap.

Please note; our retreats are Covid-19 safe and we will adhere to Covid-19 regulations.

We are blessed + grateful to live on Wadawurrung Country and pay deep respect to Wadawurrung Elders past, present and emerging. Our Team extends this to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, recognising the wisdom, knowledge and resilience of Australia’s First people and their continuing connection to country.